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A tool-kit of embedded learning resources to build basic skills and competences that are based around the different performing arts disciplines. Research conducted by Eurydice highlights the fact that even the briefest learning experience can be of real value for engaging marginalised adults, therefore, a series of new modular resources that can be broken down into small individual lessons will be developed

Training Framework

A digital skills training framework that is based on the most popular digital media platforms to support adults to record the storytelling, drama and music ‘performances’ that emerge as a result of their engagement during the project life-cycle

In-service Training Programme

An in-service training programme for adult educators to enable them to harness the potential of the different performing arts disciplines for building basic skills and key competences and to develop alternative teaching strategies that allow them to work as facilitators of learning within group settings

Online Learning

A bespoke online learning environment to support adult educators engaged in the project and to record the learning experiences of the adults engaged